3DRnB Shaders for VrayforC4D



3DRnB SHADERS FOR VRAYFORC4D is a collection of more than 200 shaders ready to use in Cinema 4D.
The Complete Bundle includes:
01-Fabric Shaders
02-Wood + Marble Shaders
03-Liquid Shaders
04-Metals+ Paint+ Glass+ Synthetic Shaders
05-Plaster+ Pavement+ Wall tile+ Roof tile Shaders
06-April Update
07-May Update
• 08-June and July Update
• 09-August-November Update

You can also choose to buy SINGLE BUNDLES (no updates included).

New materials will be shared for free throughout 2015 for all those that buy the full bundle, and will be sent to you by email.


All Shaders are 100% DR Ready

The Shaders have been tested with C4D R.14-17 and 18* on both Mac and PC.
Minimum requirements for optimal results is VrayforC4D 1.9.0.b (works with 3.4**)

*C4D r18 doesn’t officially support VrayforC4D 1.9, supports only version 3.4

**Most of the shaders are compatible with 3.4 core, but because of some changes in the new core some materials could appear slightly different from version 1.9. New Render settings should be created in order to get the best results from this new Vray version , this video might be helpful to open 1.9 scenes in 3.4 https://vimeo.com/183330111


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