Scene 04- Modern Pool Villa

Interior and Exterior 3D Scene for Cinema 4D and VrayforC4D [Available Now]

The images shown above are Test Renders and in the final scene might be slightly different.

What’s included:

  • Cinema 4D file (3D model of Interior and Exterior with ALL Objects, Vray cameras, lights, setup for Night and day Illumination with our New 20K HDRs, and shaders 100% DR ready)
  • High resolution textures
  • HDR image
  • Post Production files (Photoshop CC required for best use, Affinity Photo will be an option as well)
  • Final images saved in jpeg format (Any photoshop can be used)
  • PDF Guide with tips and techniques regarding modeling, lighting, rendering, denoiser, multi-light,materials with new vray standard material, and post-production (English and Italian)
  • And much more!!!


The 3D Scene has been tested with C4D R.16-19 on both Mac and PC
Minimum requirements for optimal results is VrayforC4D 3.5*
Photoshop CC is recommended
Hardware requirements: 16Gb RAM, 32Gb strongly recommend

*Scenes can still be opened with older versions of VrayforC4D, but some shaders may not be compatible.

10% discount Code to be used at checkout if you buy three scenes (you can also buy shaders) 



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