Welcome to our 3D interior and exterior Architectural Collection Scenes

Our target is always to give the best quality without any compromise in the creation of our assets. Therefore we have physically accurate shaders, high resolution textures, very detailed geometries, cameras and lights with physically correct values, and scenes and render settings that will guarantee the best balance between the final quality and speed of use.

We like to think that we are offering much more than a simple collection of assets like the many you can already find online, by studying these scenes you will have a chance to understand how to set your own workflow in order to obtain consistent results. 

In these scenes, you will find many render settings. From the very fast one for previews, to the production ones that will give you the best balance speed/quality, to those high quality ones if you like results without any noise and don’t mind the time it takes to calculate it. We offer multiple options because we know that our followers might have simple laptops, others with powerful multiprocessor workstations, and some maybe even work with dedicated render farms. We want to offer all of you adequate speed time, because at the end it is pointless to buy such a detailed scene if your computer will take 16 hours just to render a preview. Our scenes, whenever possible, will be rendered with realistic render times. 

It will also be possible to see how to set the scene (objects, lights, shaders, etc) the best way, creating an easy workflow and moving around the viewport quickly using an adequate amount of RAM and starting renders the fastest possible way. Every scene will always have a PS post production file where you can observe how to modify the render in a fast and non-destructive way, an amazingly detailed pdf guide that will explain how we worked, which softwares and plugins we used and reasons behind certain decisions.

01-mediterranean courtyard 1